Hannah Brynn Bonner NYFW17

Hannah Brynn Bonner of TribeTalent and Red Models makes¬†her big appearance in NYFW17 from wearing amazing gowns of Pamella Roland, to walking for Georgine, and walking beside the man himself Carmen Marc Valvo. Can’t wait to see more of her progress @theloneblackrose on Instagram.


Have you ever had ?

Have you ever had coffee with no cream or sugar ?

Have you ever had black coffee that is naturally sweet ?

Have you had coffee that just knocks you off your feet, yet so soothing it puts you to sleep?


Come on coffee lovers, you have to admit that after you build your caffeine tolerance that coffee is just coffee-am I right? Afterwards, you are left asking, “Where is that special brew with the extra boost?”

Ameer’s Mediterranean Grill has a delicious authentic ¬†Arabic coffee brewed from a French coffee press. This give it perfect nice and warm taste so the coffee won’t come out bitter. It also has a refreshing mint after-taste. Something completely different in terms of a cliche, bitter after-taste when drinking dark coffee.

Check them out if your ever in Atlanta


Bruce Davis 22nd Element Bow Ties

20161231_2101071Replacing a pocket square with my lucky Rayban round frames RB 3447 was the decision for the event. This outfit couldn’t have done it without one of the stylish unique Bruce Davis Bow Ties.

This little guy is hand crafted from the little anchor you see right down to the special brown leather material, allowing you to standout anywhere you go to give you your own unique look.

Checkout for more info, or find him on instagram @22ndelement