Welcome to Atlanta Mr. Arkansas


After being homeless,beating court,starving,going broke, having valuables stolen I just wanna give a many thanks to all the people here in Atlanta that helped me pull through. They were truly angels set in place to help me succeed, and guide me. For a minute it was hard to see the light at the end of this journey I undertaken, but my new friends, old, friends, and of course family believed in me helped me when I was lost with no one else to turn to. Now I can say things are finally looking up, and I can stand on my own two feet out here. It has been a very long harsh six months, but God was on my side the whole way. So thank you Everyone ! 

Baye Osei Adrianna Smith Tony Robinson Bruce Davis Annus Sandman Nd Mya Hyman Steph Nahc Elizabeth Hensley Sarah Elizabeth Wayne Julian Erick Sekely Raphael McCoy Asa McCoy Jessie Zelaya Tyrin Niles Rae’l Regina Charles EJ Crenshaw Veronica N. Crenshaw Marie Thomas Islam Abd Elhai Jason Stackhouse Kelly BushTowonda Kilpatrick Julius Murray Gregory Williams Jean Williams Annette Williams Jessica McDaniel Charles Lucas Reema Shah Aaditya Saxobeat Verma LR Jordan King Maybaby Hiteksha Patel Jermaine Jordan Jim BatteyDylan T. Kinkade Jenn Paz Richard Tilford Keinona Neal 501PlusCori Errick Jackson D’Andre Cooksey Vicky Davis Wilson 501chief Demetrius Mccullough

     The help from this team of people has been all I can say truly phenomenal. I also wanna give a special thank you and shout out to a gentleman here who has been a Mentor, and second father figure to me, yet he chooses to remain anonymous so shall remain as such. Saving the best for last I just wanna give a special shout out, and thanks to the woman who has always been there. No matter how bad I fucked up or how bad things got so Lt. Conl Ama Wallace or I get to call my Mom. Thank you so much for everything you have truly blessed me. If not for you I would never be here in Atlanta right now pursing what I want to do.You didn’t have to do it ,but everything you have invested in me shall not be in vain.