Life Style

Redemption & Coming of Age

My 21st Birthday photos came out nicely I was also given a cigar to enjoy on set. Now that I am older I find myself keeping smaller tight circles. Nothing personal its just business as usual. The more I isolate my attention from unnecessary distractions the better my energy is put to use for myself numero uno. There is nothing wrong with loving yourself. For masculine men it is something we are not intuitive to until later on with our early life redemption’s we must also understand self worth, and what we are worth even if it is our looks.


Flower Child

What’s up everyone lately I have been feeling a bit peaceful, and content lately everything has surprisingly been going very very smooth. That being said sense I am usual busy I thought i’d post this outfit to express the way I feel in life right now. Cool chill colors, cool frames, and cool long hair. Everything about this outfit in my opinion shows nothing but cool, chill aura. I hope every has had a safe month. See you guys !