3 Dimensional


What’s up world I am back after a very long hiatus I do apologize for my absence for I have not been sharing my work with you all like I would , but no more Julius Murray IV the fashionista is back.

You know what is funny I am not a model. You know what else is funny? I am to short to be a model I am an actor. Most people would be fooled because of the way I dress, and carry myself.

Yes I would love to be a model the model life looks glamorous than the stereotypical poor actor lifestyle right?

What is even funnier is that is false it can be grueling just like the process of becoming an actor everyone has to start somewhere, and work
their way up models have to be proven talent to.

We all can be our own models though and strike a quick pose easily for that quick selfie with friends, or either it be any function
or special event with my quick easy technique I call being 3 dimensional.



Step 1 requires one simple thing and that is your facial expression. How does that dapper suit, or flawless dress make you feel ? Do you feel fierce like Tyra Banks ? Don’t know what all your face can do try some mirror work. Stand in front of a mirror, and play around make funny faces, sad faces, or even faces like you are sick. You would be pretty surprised what works.

Step 2 Strike a pose ! Any pose give the camera your good side try different poses you never know what might work. Know what I find to help me with my poses ?
Mirror work you can stand in front of a mirror all day looking at yourself right ? So why not be loose with yourself see what your good angles are practice them even try on different outfits, and practice your poses in those outfits. That way when it comes to taking pictures, or random photos you can strike a pose like second nature.

Step 3 Movement do you have the fluidity for that outfit ? Do you feel like you have moves like Mick Jagger, or Sean O’pry show us what you got. Can you guys by now what else can help with this ? MIRROR WORK OF COURSE ! It is the special ingredient, and also some knowledge you can apply instead of sharing with friends. Knowledge is not power, but applied knowledge is.